Our history

When her only son William was twelve years old, Obéline felt he was old enough to cultivate the land on his father’s farm. Obéline was a true pioneer; she worked in the fields, the butcher shop and never hired anyone except when very heavy work was required. In March 1909, she had this magnificent red brick house built and expanded the barn. In 1912, she sold the farm to her son William.

In 1933, William Léonard opened a store to attract customers who travelled daily to the cheese factory located across from his house. In addition to selling groceries, he sold some clothes, work boots, gasoline, feed, and many other products.  The small Léonard store served the population of Hammond and William Léonard in 1912 Canaan until March 1960.

Noël Léonard, William’s son, became the owner of his father’s farm in 1963. He operated the farm for four years, then sold it to his brother Yvon who changed its purpose, built a large barn and bred pigs with his brother Ernest. In the 1970s, the brothers began contemplating the idea of converting the farm into a golf course and since 1980, golf lovers have been grateful!

The William Léonard’s general store served the populations of Hammond and Canaan from 1933 to 1960.